My Daughter, My Angel

I was having a bad relationship with my husband, we had separated after only 3 years but we we're getting on in years. I was 35 yrs when I fell pregnant. We had separated for only 3 days. Naturally, being a women,(lol) I saw the light in his eye's and reconciled once again. But this time there was going to be a beautiful bouncing baby to keep US occupied. A wonderful pregnancy (not too much sickness or discomfort, I still worked (on construction sites) till 36 weeks gyp rocking. NOT A PROBLEM!
Then when I was  38 weeks into my regency  I awoke to a traveling numbness down my left side. Starting at my fingertips down my left hand side arm, face, torso and then leg. It lasted only about 10 minutes. Thinking innocently I left it for 3 days to tell a 1st year Intern Doctor.To this day he  doesn't know he help save my life. U want to know more there is heaps. ASK ME
Shira1 Shira1
36-40, F
May 10, 2007