You Are Beautiful In Your Own Way!

First I am not gonna refer to people with mental or learning disabilities as "they" I'm gonna refer to them as "you" because first and for all you are not different you are all just very very unique and special.

You are beautiful, I've came across a few of you here and in city life (what I refer to life outside EP) and I just can't believe how could this world be so stereo typical and horrible towards you! In fact I sometimes even get mistaken to be like you in my daily life so I do know a part of your struggles. I have been born with a genetic disorder that affects me physically but in some cases it does affect people physically and mentally. Sources says that like 90% of people like me deal with mental and learning disabilities. but I am from the other 10% I dunno how or why but it's just how I was born! I do hate it when somebody thinks that I am stupid and easy to be stepped over and taken advantage of! Anyways my point is just you are still NOT different! And I love you all just the way you are.

I love your innocent looks on this world, It's very good that you still have hope for humanity. I love the way you type, the way you speak, the way you love, the way you create things, just everything!

Do not let anyone make you feel sad, do not let anybody mistreat you! Do not let anybody take advantage of you! Do not change for anybody! I will do the best I can to protect you. It's really sad that only the good people have to suffer! I wish bullies and idiots would just leave you alone and never hurt you! For they are the ones who are really sick! Do not ever let anybody make you think that what you deal with is an illness or a sickness or even a disability!! It is a BLESSING whether they liked it or not. You are BEAUTIFUL!! Please never forget that.
AYearWithoutRain AYearWithoutRain
22-25, M
Jan 16, 2013