The Very Painful Break-up

We had been going out for 3 months. We met around two times a week and shared each others lives. We sat in the same place almost every time and hugged each other, occasionally kissed too. I believed in every word he said to me no matter what it was about. I trusted him more than i had trusted any other boyfriends i had in the past. He told me he loved me more than he had loved anyone in the past. One day, we had planned a date after school finished, not to mention the fact we both went to different schools. He texted me an hour before the date and told me that he couldn't come because he had gotten detention from his school. I constantly asked him what the detention was for but he refused to answer me saying it was embarrassing. I felt sad and went home anyway. That night we talked and he apologised for not being there.I quickly forgave him and things went back to normal, but not for long. There was a school fair at his school and i planned to attend thinking i could meet him there. He told me he couldn't come but i decided to go anyway since i had other friends at his school. I was having a great time at his school until i saw him there. He had lied to me. I instantly called him and asked him what was going on. He said he didn't want to speak to me and i begged and pledged him to tell me what was wrong. He refused for a few minutes but later told me to meet him outside his school. I went out and told my friends i would be back in some time. He was standing there looking angry and upset. He took me near a dumpster and started speaking. He told me we couldn't be together anymore because i was too busy studying all the time. I asked him to give me some time, and that things would be better after my examinations end. He showed no mercy and walked away leaving me standing near the dumpster. I dragged myself back inside the school and started crying in m friends arm. Shortly after, a girl approached me and told me she needed to speak to me. I had no idea who she was but i followed her to the side anyway. She asked me what me and him were talking about. I told her i couldn't just tell a stranger. She said " I have the right to know, I'm his girlfriend". Her words broke me. I couldn't think straight anymore and felt like there was no ground underneath me . She explained to me that he had asked her out two months ago and that they had kissed a few times. I was in so much shock i couldn't stop crying. She called his cellphone and told him to come there at that minute. He arrived in front of us after a few minutes . He said he was going to tell me but he just didn't because he was afraid he would hurt me. I couldn't understand why he had done that. He, his girlfriend and I talked for a few minutes with the her and me both crying. He saw me crying but only comforted her. I walked away feeling jealous and upset. Now, that incident remains a part of my memory. I cant forget it.I cant move on from it. I know its not love, its just shock.
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I was in love with someone which it was my second love, I was just almost mad because after my first parnet left me because of some problems I found the next one. honeslty I loved that person and it was my only love in this world becuase I lost my family and many things in my life. It's very hard to talk about it sometimes I inuslt myself to think this world has love for me. I know that's not right at all but it's just feeling. I was texting whole the day because of the distance between us. Even though we were far away but I was very faithful and a huge believer in my love as people say "love is love" no matter how far. I gave all my life and my dreams almost everything. I forgave every mistakes but after I did one mistake.... there's no forgiveness. Just everything changed we actually loved each other because we shared with each other the same problem. We both suffered from family problems and our problems were very serious which means we in need for people to help us and to wipe our tears in every night we cry. When I talk about my family it was very sad and we were crying with each other like one heart it was warm tear from inside. Sadness is a killer for the humanity. Some people die because of it. Sadness is not something we can forgive or forget even. I was thinking by this love we will kill our pain. unfortunately I forget this it could be another pain for me. without mercy my partner left me for another ex-friend the argument was "I'm crazy". At first we promised each other to accept our problem and never give up meanwhile, lies was flying all over. The last thing was " I have a boyfriend" but guess what ? I accepted that and I said it's your way you choice. I have ever never loved person in whole my life like that person I think this not gonna happen again. I lost a lot and a lot I sometimes feel hopeless about the future we need time to recover our souls. Love is not something tangible that we can fix, love is inside never go outside. Some idiot people think it's something not everything. I am not rude to say they are idiot because people who don't appreciate the others they're vainties.

So it was love mixed with life experience, in fact it does encourged me to learn more about other people and to be faithful. Life is very big for us " live it like you dying" nothing is wrong with us we loved them and they faked their love.

This is horrible and terrible at the same time. But let me tell you you're not the first girl who faced the same problem many many people saw what you saw and they're broken,sad, and depressed. This happens most the time. This happend to me personally one day I said the exact thing " I can't move on", I know you're not crying only, you dying from inside It's unbelievable moment at first and then you have no choice you just gave up for it. And believe you want to get him back however, you can't so it feels bad I was really in the same situation this taught not to feel sad for people who don't deserve us. We're stronger than crying. By the time you'll forgive but believe me you won't forget whole your life even after years it's the effect of the wound on your heart and the tears burnt your face this is definitely not easy. Believe in yourself and move on you deserve person better than him.

Thanks, I really appreciate the support. tell me more.. what happened to u??