***** Love-3

hi again, this time i am presenting a new anal scenario. i was at my girlfriend tina's house on saturday and we both decided to make love on saturday and sunday and also that we both will remain nude for two days. we start with few drinks and then we decide to see ourselves live on our tv via camcorder.so we sat up a scene , i took some honey and rubbed it on my girfriend big boobs and on her big nipples. then i started sucking and licking those beautiful 38dd size firm boobs. as i was sucking more and more my tool was growing hard and hard and also her nipples were erected now. she took my tool in her hand and started *******. with the touch of her soft hands my tool was out of control. she felt that and she took the **** head in her mouth and also she was ******* at same time. i was so excited that i could felt that i am going to shoot my first load, so i remove **** from her mouth and told her that give me a minute or i will blow up. she was on bed on, legs open wide. i can saw her pink wet ***** lips clearly. i started licking her wet ***** madly.she was in heaven. we were also watching our live video in tv.after sometime we changed position, now we were in 69 pos. i was pumping my tool in her mouth to the throat while my tongue was deeply buried in her love hole. i started to lick the area between her ***** and *******. now we both were near climax. she was nearly crying with fun. her words were"ooooooooooooeeeeffffff ...........ba...byy ......oooooeeeeeee ..........fuckkkkk ..me hard with your tongue.....ooooooooooo.ooooooooeeeeee.ooooooofffffffff......aaaaaaaahhhhhhh......ooooooo"and she exploded and at the same time i also explode my hot *** in her mouth while stroking in her mouth.and she swalloed it like honey. we both took rest for some time and then.......................... read anal love 3
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Jan 15, 2013