Anal Love 3

hi hope u all enjoyed my sex stories. now a new one for u,this time i was with two university gals.named one(tina) and two (amber). we three were at my place, quite far away from city. we had to live here for 3 days, so we had all the necessary things with us. first we all take bath and then we had our lunch. then it was love we decided to play master and slave,both girls were on one side and i alone was on other side. we decided to toss that who wins the toss had his/her own wish. we tossed and the girls won the toss. so now they were my masters and i was their slave for one hour. so they made me nude and then tied my hands at my back. they both started to suck my tool one by one.then one put the **** head in her mouth while other was rubbing her tongue on my balls. then one order me to **** him in *** while sucking others boobs.i was doing my work as a slave.suddenly second one came behind me and started rubbing her tongue between my buttocks. it was making my tool more rigid and then she inserted her tongue in my *******, i was in tool becomes so hard so were my strokes and then without warning my tool explode in the ******* of first one. she was not ready for that, her body shook very badly. my *** was still shooting in her small love hole while second was still licking my *******.........................

they ordered me to sit on floor with legs open,amber ordered me to do do tongue swirling with her while tina took a long feather. she was touching my testicles with that feather hands still tied at back, but the touch of the feather made my tool hard again in just 5 minutes. now tina come to me and bent forward so her *** hole was near my mouth. she ordered me to **** her ******* with my tongue. she put her *** lips on my mouth and first i kissed there, started rotating my tongue on her love hole lips.she was breathing heavily. i could easily saw her big melons hanging.i slowly pushed my tongue in her love hole at the same time tina was playing with my tool.
i started to satisfy tina in her love hole by moving my tongue in n out.she moaned loudly as she was near ***, so she also inserted her own fingers in her **** and started moving fast.and then she exploded her love juices. her fingers were wet. she inserted that wet fingers in my mouth and ask me to drink her love juice.which i did.....................................continue.
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Jan 15, 2013