Bored At Macdonalds

I was waiting for someone the other day in Maccas and was bored so began to watch the people around which I haven't done for sometime. The more busier it got the more interesting it got. particularly one old asian guy there with his wife and his family. A large group of asians walked in and he became instantly interested watching the to and fro as they ordered, sat down and chit chat as they ate.While he was attentively watching them I was attentively watching him. I got the impression he was a tourist from China were of course they have small families due to one child policy and the family that walked in was an amazingly large one probably from some western country but they were speaking mandarin so were definitely chinese. You could see the surprise and envy in his face at seeing this large family, clearly he wanted one. I'll bet he would have been pressuring his son or daughter with him and their partner to immigrate so he could have a few more grandchildren.
k1nudey k1nudey
41-45, M
Aug 4, 2010