My wife Sharon and I did a lot of experimenting during the first couple of years of our marriage.
She seemed to like the silly flashing adventures, we did that quite a bit. Everything from the full service gas stations with full beaver shots while they did the windows to shoe stores, and a few times at parties things got rather naughty.
One day there were some bike races at a local track, the day was hot so we drove out to watch them. The tracks was below a small hill and everyone sat on the grass, there must have beeen 100 people out there.
Sharon and I sat towards the top of the hill, off to the side by turn three which is where most of the pile ups happened.
There was a group of guys sitting down below us, perhaps 15 feet or so away, I noticed they kept looking back at us.
"I think those guys like your legs, honey." I told her at one point.
"More than that." She giggled.
I looked down, she had her dress bunched up above her knees, from my angle it didn't look unlady like but from down below, it hit me the guys could probably see right up her dress. But she did have her knees together.
"Want to give them a peek?" I leaned down and whispered in her ear.
"Already am." She tittered.
Just then one of the guys leaned over and said something to the fellow next to him, they both looked back.
Sharon reached down around her behind with both hands, spread her knees apart and used her fingers to open herself wide open, man did that get their attention!
This went on for well over an hour, each time any of them looked back at us, she gave them a big flash.
At one point I went to the snack bar to get some drinks, walking back up the hill it was clear that anyone who looked at her could miss nothing, she was using two fingers to display herself.
Thst was one of the hottest days of flashing, and most certainly the one that lasted the longest.
magmaman magmaman
Aug 23, 2014