Love Is Overated And Just Like Money, It Dont Last Forever

So I rather have the money. I use to be one of those guys when I was younger who would rather have love, but I have delt with some women and have grown older. Young Jeezy said it better than I can:

"Got a pocket full of money and my wrist so swoll. **** what you heard we dont love these hoes!"

Money is power, It puts food on the table, Love aint going to put food on the table, Gas in the car, or put a roof over yea head. Its all about dat paper. I'm learning to be happy without someone in my life. Also, I dont have time for that kinda thing, im too busy trying to graduate college so I can get that money.

Krie Krie
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

I hear you bro, I couldn't agree more