You Can't Stop Me!

Yesterday was crazy. 

My son's had problems with his car leaking fluid.

I was almost in a car wreck with the mail carrier.  I shouldn't have been on my cell phone while I was driving.  I know this but I was in front of my house about to turn into the driveway.  I paused a couple of minutes to chat.  When I finally decided to turn into the driveway the mail carrier decided to speed around me. We nearly collided.

I left my notebook at school.  I keep great notes.  I write down virtually everything.  I have 5 weeks of notes from all of my classes in this book.  I didn't notice it was gone until 10pm when I decided to study for the algebra test I aced today (by the way).  I called campus police and asked them if they would let me into the classroom to see if it was still there.  I was in a complete state of panic.  I didn't know how I would recover from this loss if I didn't find my book in the classroom when I arrived.  Neededless to say...when I got there someone was kind enough to sit it on the teacher's desk. 

Life presents problems but I refuse to let it stop me from accomplishing my goals.  I will get through this and I am encouraged and DO believe that one day my life will be just as I would like for it to be.  It will never be perfect but....I'll be much better off.

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

I know that you will accomplish every goal you set for yourself my friend. I am proud of you! Hugs and Kisses..

lol, yes I was calm but I had to force myself to be that way. Thank you for the pat on the back. I need it when I do well.