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I once gave an old women a flower on the subway while on a school trip. Before she was quite but after that we had a very nice conversation until I got to my stop 

subject2811 subject2811 22-25, M 12 Responses May 4, 2010

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Sweet! Out of curiosity, what was the approximate age of the "old woman?" I'm interested in your perspective.

she was in her early to mid- 70's I think

Very nice...I am just struggling to think of myself, 62, as an old woman. lol I guess we don't see ourselves as others do..all a matter of perspective.
I am glad you didn't say she was "40 or 50." :)

haha no she definitely looked like a little old lady :) and from your pictures that is a fair idea because I would not have guessed you were 62

That is so sweet!

It's nice to be nice.

How kind of you!

That's what EP is all about: sharing the experiences of life.


Very nice, but what was the conversation about?

she asked us why we were there and other things. Nothing major but it was a great small talk with someone who looked like they had were hating the fact that she was surrounded by teenagers


you are so sweet ^_^

That's a very sweet thing to do!

It was sweet.

Gift exchange makes the journey more interesting

A beautiful random gesture. I'm sure you made her day. It's nice to make someone feel nice if for no other reason than just because they can. :)

Nice gesture.

Great story. Thanks for doing that.