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i have been practicing random acts of kindness for a while from leaving a tip in a fast food resteraunt to helping a homless person get back on there feet but somthing that struck me is that most random acts of kindness i read on this site are for personal gane. i see stories that shouldnt have been posted, I feel that if posible a random act of kindness should be anonamous and this site (however helpful it might be) is taking a way the pure heart of a RANDOM act of kindness. in no way am i saying that its a bad thing people are doing these things even for self gratification. i do think that no matter what the random acts of kindness offensive might save this world one way or another but please people if you have to post the story either do it anonomously or say a friend did it or somthing! 
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             katiekupkate xx :)
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Whether done Anonymously or not, all acts of kindness random or not, are done for purely selfish reasons, no matter how you slice it up and present it. It will always come down to the fact that We do these things because it makes us feel good about ourselves to do them and that's personal gain and self gratification. There's nothing anyone can do to change that or make it in anyway selfless. It's The feeling we get from having helped others that keeps us doing these acts. It doesn't matter if we never tell another soul or not. If only more people cared about that amazingly good feeling, the world would be a much better place.