Daily Basis

So I am a big fan of random acts of kindness, but why do they have to be random. Now i know this is just a catchy phrase that w e place on these acts, but what if these things became habits?

First of all please dont think i am trying to toot my own horn here, and i am asking for other suggestions from you. Currently some of the things i try and do on a daily basis are, Holding open the door for people behind me when i walk into stores, Slow down and let someone in on the highway, say please and thank you for everything(i am better at thank you), and stop when someone is going to cross the road.

Please help us compile a list of things that we can all do Daily
philled890 philled890
26-30, M
1 Response Oct 18, 2010

Smiling - just smiling at someone can make them smile in reaction. also, asking how someone is doing. <br />
I am with you. I think they don't need to be random, but daily actions that will make the world a brighter place.<br />