Pay It Forward.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that giving is better than receiving. In truth, when you give, you do get something back. Sometimes, it may only be a feeling that stirs deep within and makes you feel good. Other times it is along the lines of karmic blessing, you get back because you give altruistically. What I want to share is that time and again I find myself able to give without expectation of return and it does wonders for others. The next time you are in a drive thru and you pull up to pay, ask them to put the person behind you's order on your bill. They may look at you like you are nutty, but just insist and tell them you want to pay for their meal as well. You will drive off and probably never know the end result, but someone did it for me once and I was amazed. Ever since, once in awhile when I can, I will pay it forward and drive away with a huge smile on my face knowing the person behind me will get the blessing that was shared with me.

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2 Responses Sep 14, 2011

absolutely delightful!

I know few people who do the paying for the person behind them in a drive through, Personally I can't afford that but I volunteer at the Salvation Army food bank, and find it very rewarding in my different ways.

Oh yes, that's great Behopefull, a very selfless thing to do. When you can't give anything else, you can always give a little of your time.