Cure For Depression...

I act on every kind thought that enters my head. I figure it came for a reason. If you are blue, find someone who's worse off than you ,

And make their day. I'm happy when I take the importance away from myself. Life is a circle game ( thank you Joni Mitchell )

When I die, I don't think anyone would be able to say,"she was unkind.." a ton of blessings on your heads..K.
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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6 Responses Jan 13, 2012

Wonderful piece of advise.

Hello dear friend. Thank you for pulling up this oldie. :-) my very best wishes sent to you. oxo

Being kind is a way to fight depression. Thanks for this. :)

I need to practice my own medicine and make the time to be as disciplined as I used to be. I put together a plan for tomorrow and the next day! :-) Thank you nelladell! Oxo

Good for you. I, too, will redouble my efforts.

I wish you peace.

... And also with you. Oxo

This is a very good idea. I admit I don't always act on the kind thoughts that come into my head and this did make me wonder why that is. I guess I'll have to work on that!

Well, your kindness speaks VOLUMES to ME! Could you BE any kinder? And while I have your attention....I have to FORCE myself to not buy pretty dishes...I don't entertain like I used to.

Oh same here! It's the thought of moving them one more time that stops me now.

The best part I like about this story is the title, that you mention giving as a antidote to depression. What a beautiful thought, in these times when the depression word seems to have caught on a lot. I have always believed that conscious positive action can help fight that a word a lot (whether it is a real one or an imaginary one), but I am happy to see your story say it in the title. <br />
<br />
Kindness as a cure for depression, what a wonderful mantra !

Hello bubble....what a nice surprise to get a comment on this story.....thank you. Depression has been present in all generations of my know what those relatives all have in common?, me, me.
Perhaps I oversimplified by saying kindness cures...but, there is always someone who is suffering more than you.The key to happiness is to take the importance away from yourself, and think of others.kindness is my's never done me wrong... Thanks again...hugs,kat

Yup, I dont know much about depression. But I agree every bit about what you said on kindness and selfishness. We don't NEED any more religion than kindness. God is just around, we have to spot Her by our acts of Love. Your statements, though sounding simple, are very potent and summarize the kind of spirituality that the world needs today, act out your Love with a deed of service.

I really like this. Thinking this way making random acts of kindness must help others. So a may be unintended consequence is that you feel validated as a better person and happier. As more people do this we all start to feel better. Marvellous story.

Thank you so much,hyper......I think it's the key to happiness. I am very flattered that you used the word marvelous....hugs, k.

You are a sweetie. Keep on keepin on, love.