Are You A Christian?

I believe in random acts of kindness and paying it forward. I have taught my children that as well. At times I am surprised at people’s reactions, some being positive and some negative. The other day I was walking through the train station in a major city and this couple was struggling with getting their luggage up a sizable flight of stairs. I asked if I could help and the lady responded with asking me where there was an elevator. I told her there was none and that if she wanted out of the building it was either up the stairs or go around to another exit since the building was built on a hill. I again told her I would carry both her and her husband’s luggage up the stairs. She finally allowed me to carry the luggage but stuck very close to me talking the whole way. On the second piece she said to me, half way up the stairs “why you must be a Christian!” I thought this was odd that she only thought a Christian would help someone. I happen to be one, but it should not have mattered to her.
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2 Responses Feb 5, 2012

I would have smiled a genuine smile, put the bags down where they were supposed to be and told her no, I was an athiest, but my grandmother taught me that kindness to strangers was more important than kindness to loved ones and kindness was not just for those who believed in higher powers, whatever they may be.

Haha, I wouldn't have minded saying yes to please her, though I am not a Christian. I anyway like the Life and Message of Christ. But, of course, as you say, it does not matter. Values are universal.