Being Kind and Unselfish Can Be Rewarding

My wife has a theory - if you give of your heart unselfishly, without any ulterior motives and without any hidden agendas - God will reward you for your actions.
And you know, I truly believe she is right. I have found that to be true on many occasions. Example - It’s a cold winter’s day and a street person ask you for a dollar to get a cup of coffee. If you give it to him out of absolute kindness and then completely forget about it, something good happens to you shortly after. The things here though, is that you can’t for one micro second remember your act of charity and wonder what it might bring you. For as soon as you do, there is no reward.

I have done some unselfish acts in the past (and I am not trying to say that I am a philanthropist) and soon after, I find that I win double or triple on a lottery ticket or I get an unexpected gift from someone else. I don’t know if it’s God way to convince us to be kind and charitable but I do know that it is, indeed, a fact.
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I would love to agree with you. But...6 years ago I fed, every day at lunchtime for 2 months, a filthy homeless man living in a tunnel near where I lived in NYC. I didn't do it for any other reason than it was 11 degrees out and I couldn't just keep passing this man with ice in his beard without doing something.

One day the man moved on and I never saw him again.

Two years later I was on the street myself. I had lost my job in the 2008 crash of the economy, the money ran out and there I was in my car.

I'm not in my car anymore but that's when I stopped believing in God and the concept of "If I do good works, I will be rewarded."

I also saved two dogs' lives last year, one of them had been hit in the street and left to die and I took him to the hospital, where he died. The other one was in traffic whizzing by him. I took him to the pound, where he and his owner were united.

And yet i am on food stamps, yet I have no one in my life to share with...

I am convinced either God does not exist, or he personally hates me.

Absolutely. Its Gods way. Its all energy, like a bouncing ball. What u put out into the universe will surely bounce back at you

I just take it for granted that I already am blessed with the "gift" of being in the place and time of the moment that I am able to afford giving and able to assist in anothers needs... fortunate that my my needs have been met. Good Karma is that you arent reaping bad karma..... (actually the popular concept of good karma bad karma is a fallacy... and doesnt exsist.... karma is just karma period.)

I couldnt say it better myself 😉

The returns of GIVING are just TOO MUCH to put in words!

I love it❤ its so rewarding and heartwarming

Great wife and good for you. Good for everyone. As it should be.