At No Cost To You

I was taught by my Dad that it doesn't cost you a dime to be nice. I'm glad to say that I've lived by that rule. I have a soft heart when comes to children, Senior citizens and people less fortunant. Whenever I see an older person by themselves,I make it a point to ease my way around to start a conversation with them. To give them my undivided attention.Try to brag about something about them.To make them feel like the most important person in the world.Say something to make them laugh.Making sure to leave them with a smile on their face.If I see children, especially the ones that are less fortunant than other spoiled ones. Oh how my heart goes out to them.Heaven only knows what they face at home. I love to kid around with them,and bring a smile to their innocent faces.Asking the parent if I can buy them a peice of candy or something.Anything to bring joy in their hearts. Someone that I know is in need ,I send them money by someone else,Telling them not to let the person know where it came from. I do not write this to pin roses on myself.But trusting it will let others know, it doesn't cost you a dime to be nice. All you need is Love
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You are a good person, I love reading about random acts of kindness it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings:)

What a truly delightful way to live. You must be a very happy man.

But I do lots of nice things for others too and yet nobody ever even asks me how I am. Do you need anything? It makes me feel invisible. Do I have to move far away to be noticed? Do I have to die to not feel like I am here all alone???

Honey, you keep on being kind to others. Don't expect anything in return, and just when you least expect it, you will get an encouraging word. Hang in there. God Bless You.

aww how sweet and kind of u!if only every1 was like u:) xxx

I do not understand why to share this? To say how good boy you are?Just being curious...

I'm so sorry, but it's painfully obvious that you don't know me. Therefore you miss the whole concept of this post. One thing,I do not believe anyone should pin roses on themselves.Matter of fact, I would not even think about pinning any on myself.Also I detest any person that has a conceited, arrogant, stuck up, attitude.That walk around with a snooty holier than thou look.The soul purpose in writing this post was to try to make people aware of the need to show kindness and express love to other people.No,I don't consider myself a " good boy." Contrary to what you think, which right now I could really care less. Next time I'll try to leave me out of making a point.As far as your curiosity goes, you missed the point.

Sorry, your comment sounds very touchy. I did not miss the point of "the need to show kindness and express love to other people". This statement is painfully obvious indeed =-)
My QUESTION was: I do not understand why to share this? with such a strong accent on iiiiiiiiii. So made an ASSUMPTION about "good boy" that fortunately was wrong. And I am proud of you... But my curiosity still not fulfilled... though...never mind :-)

NO, I think it's merely to let others know that, it really cost Nothing to be kind and to Encourage Kindness.

Good post and great credit to you :) I feel similar although I extend the same compassion to all (well I aim to) .Everyone ,every where needs to feel love,feel wanted,connected,part of..we really are all the same and just because someone has a whole heap of money or has been perpetually 'bad' does not diminish their human need...water,air,love,we all need .And in my way of thinking ,we are all conduits of love,my mother in law had a saying written in a book.<br />
.Give a smile away,it'll come back another day. <br />
You're right costs nothing and makes you feel on top of the world :)

Thanks for your reply.your exactly right,love has no boundries.take care

Wow. I have the same concept, but without any expectations or definition. Should be many more like those of us who "care". Dont ever change anything about this. Its who we are and that never should be changed. Although in my case I have always been that way, and so now have withdrawn even further sincits not worth it I have found out. Sometimes there is not even a simple thank you, which i dont even expect. The simple ways are definitely missing in this Me Me world- and again so I have chosen to shelter myself from the dissappointment to avoid hurt and decentcy of being "nice" . You are one in a million that truly is hard to find anymore.

Beautiful person, beautiful words and deeds. <br />
=)<br />
<br />
I try to keep people happy and be someone who can create 'ease' in their lives or at least during the interaction with me. I am on the way to be like you, would love to be like you someday :)<br />
keep up the good work,wee need people like you

Beautiful person, beautiful words and deeds. <br />
=)<br />
<br />
I try to keep people happy and be someone who can create 'ease' in their lives or at least during the interaction with me. I am on the way to be like you, would love to be like you someday :)<br />
keep up the good work,wee need people like you

I've always been like that. It doesn't just give that person a smile or laughter or whatever. It also makes me feel good and puts a smile on my face also. I've always tried to be kind to people. Help whenever I could and just make people laugh. I smile at people that go by and they usually smile back.

I also try to live my life as you do ... some see it as giving to others, but the real secret is how good the gift that you give yourself when you help others makes you feel! You become quite greedy for it after a while! I, too worked in retail or other customer-contact jobs for many years, and my chief talent was letting an angry or frustrated customer vent and feel heard and understood, and by the time they left or hung up the phone, they'd be laughing! My bosses just shook their heads! Or sometimes all it takes is paying a stranger a compliment ... I've been told I've made people's day simply by doing that. And of course, when the young person is trying to buy something off the dollar menu with only a handful of coins, I'll press a five into their hand and say, "lunch is on me today, pay it forward some time ...."

Sounds like you found the secret too.Kill em with kindness.Thanks for your input.

Hi Waymor, I liked your article. I really appreciate the fact that you encourage people to express their kindness and sensivitity. Nowadays more people prefer to hide their good side because they feel afraid to be hurt. Thank you :)

Thanks for your reply,I really appreciate it. Take care

nice are doing a very good job...I wish there were more people like you...I would want to be like you :)

It is hard to argue with the articles worthy intent. We should give every love tht we can. But sometimes giving is a tremendous waste. In my neighborhood, Poland, friendly conversations among are highly discouraged by culture. The fact that you initiate one can stereotype you as a "przyjechał." Przyjechał means "he came in." If you are a visitor to Poland, you will daily hear this mean word near you. It's despective in a thousand ways. But, worse of all, it sets you as a target of all kinds of psychological manipulations. Talking to children, sendong money for them, or even smiling to them in a bus, will raise all kinds of "flags of hostility." You do not want that. I did not even try to look at children of teenagers. It's taboo here. But I tried a thousand times to initiate a conversation with strangers. It was always a discouragement. Avoid any sign of "vodka" in the breath. Vodka turns all intentions into "personal evil." they will instantly rob you of all peace for days! You cannot win, only suffer. I have chosen to suffer isolation, rather than to suffer insult and slight. But I commend your beautiful article, which is the way the things should be. Sadly, we live in a terrible world.

Were is my comment?!

The fact that "you met some nice people from Poland" does not change the fact that Poland proper, and Russia, are both filled with abominable churls! This fact is known throughout Europe! You do not smile to a churl! If you do, you get the Ophrah effect, which will cripple Obama's election! Did you see how Medvedev took advantage of President Obama's "smile"?

Thanks for your positive input.

I think your so completely right. I used to think, if i had money, i could do so much. But really, you don't need money, you just need compassion and a heart and some inspiration. Being nice is something we all can do very easily. I am on a new journey in my life now, have chosen a career helping disabled and seniors, and going to work everyday is a pleasure. Just seeing one person smile a day, because of you, makes it worthwhile. Also, i have been following a group on fb called pay it forward one day at a time. If you can even just do one nice thing a day, that appreciation or compassion can inspire someone else to do something , its like a chain reaction. I sometimes leave notes around for my co-workers, just telling them what a great job they did today, or how you make a difference. Sometimes, someone just needs that little bit of appreciation to carry on with there day. We could all make this world a better place if we could pay it forward everyday. I am just like you, i have a very big heart, love to help and see someone smile. It makes me feel so good and has helped me get through some toxic things in my life. We are all on our path, but making it the best path is really all we can do :) Thanks for your inspiration, i was looking for some today

Thanks for your inspired me even more.Your right,it starts a chain reaction.Hope you have a great day.

Where are my comments?! Any churl out there trying to steal my comments?

In a world where people seem to be in a hurry, you have the spirit to stop by and unleash the human sunshine in you to the old and young. It's a great and admirable virtue. I would call you a silent healer because with your warm smiles and love, you have brightened and healed many dispirited folks. Things change when the glad soul like you arrives. Keep it up.

Thanks for your kind words.I appreciate you taking the time.I''m glad I helped you.

I wish I can be nice to people once again,but when I'm nice to people they take advantage of me and its painful.So I just stopped being nice to people to eliminate that problem,but it doesn't feel like it works.

I did the same way too...but i feel so hurt to see people in need and i keep my hand close...thank you...

I do understand your point of view.However,I've worked in retail just about my whole life.You learn people,I can tell peoples motives by the way they talk.Unfortunatly,theirs a bad apple on every cart.Experience will teach you how to tell the good apples from the bad ones.Don't allow a few bad ones to discourage you.There are alot of good people craving love,attention and most of all,the power of a smile.Thanks for your resonce,take it easy

King46, I hear you!!! I currently trying my own little social experiment of kindness, and I have not had ONE positive response from it!!! Its really disheartening, but I feel like not being kind isn`t the answer ,either.

thats because it doesnt King.Being kind and compassionate not only makes the receiver feel better makes the giver feel good too..try it again and yes some may take advantage,but they can only make you feel like that if you let them.. really..just hold on to the feeling of giving because you want to,because you like will feel better wishes to you

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Your beautiful spirit is an inspiration to me. I`m really starting to enjoy randomly making others feel good, doing something nice. You have mastered the art, my friend. Thanks you for making the world a better place, one person at a time. <br />

Thanks sooo much for your kind words. I don't think I've "mastered" it yet though. But I enjoy it, take care

Thank you for this beautiful post and for remind us of the power of a simple smile.

The world would be a much better place if everyone felt this way.

Yes your right It would be, everything begins with one.Thanks so much for your response.I do not take for granted. Peace

More people should be so kind as you.

You know, as you get older you find that the joy of living is giving. Thanks for your response, take care

Thanks,I know scores of people that are this way that as I hide in the shadows.I really wanted this post to be a wake up call for those who wanted to do it.For some reason or another they never do.All you need is love.take care :)

I agree wholeheartedly....kindness is free and a smile goes a long way. A friend of mine and her boyfriend found an apartment and had nothing but the clothes on their backs and money just to get by. I called a couple of my friends and 2 days later, I picked up 2 end tables, 1 cocktail table,2 lamps, vacume/steam cleaner combined, dishes &amp; cups. 1 month later my other friend gave them a kitchen table with 2 chairs. They were so appreciative for everything. 1 week later I went through some leftover paint we had from my home and donated it to them to paint their apt. You think they were given a million dollars. I enjoy giving to the less fortunate. Living is giving &amp; sharing is caring !!!!! God Bless Waymor

Dream, that is such a "feel good" story :) Life is wonderful when kindness is spread around.

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