I Took The Cash And Ran

This morning, on my way to have a manicure/pedicure done, I stopped at the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) to take out some cash.

There was a short queue ahead of me.

When the man infront of me finished making his transaction, I stepped forward and inserted my card into the machine.

It would not take the card. The screen on the ATM read "please take your cash". I waited for the message to clear and again reinserted my bank card. Rejected, again. The message on the screen kept on flashing. This time quite vigorously.

I stooped a little lower to check the cash dispenser and I saw a wad of cash.

Without much ado, I grabbed the cash and ran.

Ran as fast as I could towards the back door.

At the glass door of the shopping mall, I said, "Excuse me, excuse me" . The man turned around and looked at me. I smiled and waved the dollar notes and said "I got your moneeeeeey".

He looked dishevelled and surprised. I handed him the cash and he looked around saying "wow..what an honest lady.....fair dinkum ....good looking too"

He performed Random Acts of Kindness.....

He made my Day!


Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
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Great story.thank you for sharing.

Thank you very much for commenting - I had been absent for a while and I didn't see your comments from earlier this year- so pleased to wake up this morning to see this story again with so many comments-thanks Brain tumour - you brought me back here;) Good morning everyone:) -DF

I'm so glad this story went the way it did. :-)

Awe, what a great story!! I would have done the same thing. It's such a great feeling when someone helps you out; I'm positive that man was so thankful for you :)

My ears are twitching maybe he is still talking about me/this incident ;) thanks for coming and sorry for the late reply-

Thats nice, not only did you perform a radom act of kindness. But got one in return.

Yes..It felt great - I was smiling all day long then ;)


I also would like to say, that I don't know what I would have done.

I think you would have done the same - I'm pretty sure;)

A well context created a good result , even I don't wanna talk about something about my context around me, but , in fact, I admire yours, I am sad, I can not make our context well like you , I just wanna find the honor from the past. but I don't know what happened, our society had changed. I know the Western people don't believe the moral , maybe 20 years before, I believe, but now, I lose the sense, Confucius teach us how to live with people, how to behave, but he hadnot told us how to make a right desicion between the moral and money, how to control the desire from ourself, do you ever hear that story from Tianjing of China, An old lady walked across the road , she got the wrong way and climbed through the fense to the another side, and a car stoped, a driver almost crash at her so close about 2 meters, an old lady scared , and sit down on the ground, a driver step ahead to lift her up, but that old lady accuse driver a crime of pushing her down, the judge convict driver by 10 thousands Yuan as pensation for that old lady, and the ridiculous was , the judge convicted without any evidence and eyewitness, maybe that judge convicted for the money, or other benefits. Since that day of 2010 until now, no one helped old women or men up when they sliped down, I am so sad ............., just like I wanna do something,do something good , do something to change our society, to change people, but they will think "innocent". so sad...............

Yes. I remember a similar story recently. About a four year old girl hit by a truck in the market. No one helped her. She was run over many times. People just looked and walked on. No one dared to help out. It is sad. When I tried assisting someone recently who swallowed too much seawater while snorkelling, I was told not to do it if I wasn't insured. I was shocked. But I helped anyway. I took the risk. Thank you for coming. I understand you fully.

What have we come to as a Society, when we hesitate to help people for fear of being sued. SO VERY SAD! But it is a REAL concern!

Random acts of kindness are wonderful :)

For once, Tasmin is absolutely correct ;-)

Really, yoga could help you

LoL@for once..you are playing with the orange flame, Dat;)

Yes..and most occur near an ATM..lol..I have another ATM story but I don't want others to think I have a fetish for one :)

Haha, most have deeper fetishes like fetish for money, so fetish for an ATM story is, as EPeers would reassure you, "it's quite normal, express it". LoL.

Hehehe - smiling now - I'm still in bed at 9 am thinking if I should be visiting an ATM later - running out of cash .. How apt to read this today x

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God bless you. Not to many ppl like you in this world. You are a blessing and never forget that. Others would have kept it not realizing that this person might be going through a really bad spot and your act of kindness showed them that there's still good ppl in this world and gives others hope. TY.

Thank you. I think so too. Like I said earlier in the comments here..dangit..I should have asked;) thank you for coming.

Elizabeth and Lonsdale - I know it well!<br />
<br />
Sounds like you benefitted from your strict upbringing - I hope your husband is still strict when you need it ;-)

Yes, it is called somerset house. I go there quite frequently:) My husband is very strict..with everyone:( ....thank you for coming :)

Such a lovely and kind act from a lovely and kind person ... keep up the good works and I know it will come back to you!

Thank you. How kind of you too to leave nice comments;) x

I hope you will stay behind me next time when I go to ATM. And I hope that I will turn around and look at you before I go, in case that I don't forget the money, so I will know better how do you look like. :D

Thank you. I look like my profile picture maybe with a bit more weight after the holidays;) I'm easy to detect. I'm always around ATMs haha thanks for coming;)

@Duchess: Great story and a thoughtful immediate act by you. In my case, I think I would have realized it too late, and then have had a complicated mystery of finding out whose cash it is, LoL.

On a lighter vein though, I hope, what with being around ATMs too often, one of these days, you are going to forget that it's your own cash you just withdrew and run to the previous person and offer it to him saying it's his cash, LoL. Now, that would be taking kindness to its limits, LoL.

I once came to ATM and it was asking me "do u want to do any other transaction?" . Somebody did transaction and forgot the card. I said "no" and took the card and gave to the bank next day. Person called me very thsnkful that I was honest. The moral of the story - treat other people the way u want to be treated yourself

Yes, I totally agree with you. Thank you for coming April

You must have been raised by wonderful mom and dad who may have taught you the virtue of honesty. Or may be, you developed it by yourself. It was a rewarding act when the receiver of the money demonstrated his random act of kindness to you. I was not lucky. I left my hotel in La Vagas to buy fruits across the street. I paid and left. When I got to my hotel I realized that I forgot my digital camera where I bought the fruit. I ran back but was unlucky. Someone had taken it. I looked miserable.

Thank you. I think Dad was the strict one. He had many moral stories at the dinner table. Something must have rubbed off. I'm sorry about your camera. I hope that didn't spoil your LasVegas visit. Thank you for coming;)

Something similar happened to me too. One day when rushed, I turned and left before the transaction had finished. I had just pulled my $20 out of the machine but failed to wait for my card to be returned.<br />
After I left the cubicle, the machine attempted to eject the card, but beeped furiously as I left and ignored it.<br />
I discovered later that the bank had my card. Fortunately, they had built in a timelimit, so after about a minute, the machine sucks the card back in and shuts down...or else waits another minute for the proper PIN to be entered, then claims the card.<br />
No one had walked up during that minute to access and drain my account. Whew!

You were lucky then;) Whew! Thank you for coming.

Aye, gorgeous----------- I agree

Thanks b. I resent you photos of Tasmania and our new home in Perth. You got mail, warrior:)

Not resent..but I again sent you photos of Tasmania......;0)

found some pics

Hope your good deeds come back to you, two fold. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

Thank you Arsineh. I'm still disappointed that we didn't hold an EP get together when you were in town;(

I think its funny how you said he made my day. It goes to show others that doing nice things for others makes you feel good in the inside as well.<br />
<br />
I think you made his day too.

Yes he made my day..Im easily pleased;) I think he was grateful. His eyes sparkled;)

Absolutely true.

That was very sweet of you.

It was an auto reaction. Luckily, I was attentive. I was actually staring at his bu++ while waiting lol-naughty me;)

i like you!

Thank you;)

Nice you mention the mystery of what his story might have been...Lately i have been a bit in that space...but thats another story !! When the mind really goes to 'elsewhere',.theres often a unique story as to why.<br />
<br />
In times like those ,where a person is existing in 'zombie mode',..its a person such as yourself that can make a lot of difference by whatever small but meaningful gesture.. <br />
<br />
The fact that you ran to return some money for a random person,.is great.<br />
I feel hope,.happiness,.a sense of relief and reassurance. <br />
<br />
Its a 'many thanks from many people' type situation. Thanks !!

Tell us your story. We always like a good story. I will look it up in your experiences segment for it;) no pressure.

Great story and glad to see someone else doing random acts of kindness! People like you make this world a better place.

Thank you. There are so many others like me..even on EP. Coming in to comment on a story is another random act of kindness;)

At least this time you didn't have to yell like a fish wife...hehe....

Madame, you weren't there lol


You had me all the way

Amigo, if I had had you...you'll know;)


Haha...thanks Hillbillycrone. Yes..with my hair and eye lash extensions ...i can be quite elegant..lol..He is lucky I'm honest and fast too;) I wondered why he was so preoccupied. I wanted so much to hear his story..but I was late for my appointment. xx

You are a good person! :-) (evidently a nice looking person too)

Now that is what I would have done as well, if someone drops money, and did not notice, I would always hand the money back to that person, that would be the "good deed of the day"