Happysad Girl

My Hometown On The Adriatic Coast Hides A Lot Of Memories.
Sometimes I Go To Pick Them Up And I Think To Those Who Have Touched My Life.
Was A Disco,Was Music,Was Dancing And Was A Story.
That Night I Met One German Girl.
She Was Lonely Althought Was Accompanied With A Friend,Other Girl.
The Other Girl Was A Beautiful Girl And Easily Found Someone To Save Her Evening.
But That Girl,Was Far From What Beauty Means.
She Was Sitting Alone And Suffer The Cruelty Of Words And Laughter Of Some Idiots.
When I  Approached To Her,She Ignored Me.
However I Sat Down Beside Her Knowing That She Thinks That I Am  One Of Joker.
She Ignored Me Until I Say: Have You Ever Heard Of A Small Town Near The Holland Border Called Viersen.
And Then She Looked At Me For The First Time And Said: What About?
I Have Someone There,Was My  Answer.
These Words Have Opened The Door And We Could Talk Normaly.
After A While She Proposed That We Go To Drive With Her Car.
The Old Volkswagen Has Finaly Brought Us To The Beach Near The Camp Where She Stayed.
I Waited On The Beach When She Come With A Blanket And Said: I Brought A Bottle Of German Wine.
The Moon Threw Silver In The Black Sea Until I Told Her About My Love From Viersen.
And Then She Said:Is This Your Karma To Be With German Girl In The Same Place Last Night,
Because In The Morning I Travel Home.
A Few Years Later I Saw Her Again.
I Driven By Someone Who Lives In Stuttgart.
Her Street And Her House I Found  Very Easy But I Did Not Wanted To Knock On Her Door.
I Learned By Then That People Are Changing When They Return Home,To Their Country.
The Summer Everyone's Life Give Wonderful Stories But ,When The Summer Passes And The Magic Disappears Forever.
So I Sat Down And Waited Wondering,Can One Night Mean Something To This Girl.
Slowly She Came Down The Street Returning From Work.
Her Smile Was Full Of Surprises And I Knew That She Telling The Truth When She Said: Nice To See You Again.
A Week Later She Took Me To The Highway.
While I Watched The Familiar Wolksvagen Moving Away And Disappears I Asked Myself  Why......Why Forever? Why Not Just Shortly?
I Never Liked When People Who Are Dear To Me Leaving My Life.
I Always Wanted To See Me Dear People How To Find Happines In Their Lives,How Their Children Grow Up And They Reach A Years Like Me.
Each Of Them At  A Certain Moment Touched Our Lives And Everyone Of Them Has Enriched Our Days.
I Never Saw  Girl From Stuttgart Again,But Often I Go To The Camp And The Beach And Again Revives Memories Of That Far Away Of Beauty HappySad German Girl.
ileyan ileyan
56-60, M
1 Response Apr 5, 2012

That experience seemed so magical.

Beauty Is In Reallety Of This Event.
Unfortunately,I Forget Her Name,Her Address.
Of Course,I'd Love To See Her Again.
But, I'm Afraid That A Lot Of Water Passed Under The Bridge Since Then.