Acts Of Kindness

I like to help people, that’s why I became a Psychologist in the first place. Although I must say, most of my RAOK were not performed under my profession, or were the people helped ever told I was a Psy.
I remember one time, i had gone to an ATM machine, and when I was walking back home, I saw a man crying inside a car. He had his window shut, but I approached him and knocked on the window to ask if he was ok, if he needed anything. At first he didn't want to talk, but I insisted because I realized he wasn't fine. I said - what have you got to lose, you'll probably never see me again, if anything you'll feel relieved to have told someone what you're feeling.
We had a good, long talk. He was in pretty bad shape because he had just found out that his wife wanted a divorce, and suspected she had someone else. He wanted to commit suicide, and was determined to do that.
What did I do? Nothing special just listened and made him realize how important he was for god, and for his other family.
When I left, he seemed a lot better, and I felt great to have had the courage to ask and insist if he was ok.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

Couldn´t agree more.

Sometimes just having someone to talk to is all it takes !