Last week, on my way back home, sitting on the bus, a white paper sticking out from the sit in front of me called my attention. I could only see one corner and pulled from it, curious to find out what it was. "Bah, only another bus ticket. Someone didn't feel like waiting to trhow it away in a trashbin, I see," were my thoughts while pulling it in again. Few moments later the idea that a message could be written on the other side of the ticket made me pull it out again. But nothing, so I once more returned it to it's place...

Moments after that I had the ticket once again in my hands and was the one leaving the message "You're perfect just the way you are" and putting it back into it's place for the next person that noticed it and felt curious enough to pull it out :)
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

You paid it forward! Thats really awesome

oh i like that story................... what a lovely thing to do.

That was cool !