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Pay It Forward

Okay, I love this movie and what the story behind this little boy stands for.  Last week I paid it forward.  I believe in kindness toward others... (even despite my own emotional personal hangups).  Last week I decided to bring in donuts for everyone in the office :-).

This is after one of my luckiest nights with a little problem I call speeding.  I mean, I have been lucky all my life since I never got a ticket... and I have been known to drive fast since I got my license.

I was driving my friends after a concert last week when I got pulled over.  This was not surprising to me because I am a horrific speed racer on the road.  It was close to midnight on 101 south just past SFO.  I was going about 85 to 90 until I approached the freeway exit.  I saw sirens flash behind me and thought, "****..."  It was already late and I was so tired, and just a minute away from dropping off my friends at their car, when a friendly CHP officer pulled me over.  Being the nervous and seemingly forgetful person that I am, I did not have my driver's license on me.  I totally panicked and was extremely nervous as he approached my window to speak to me. 

Of course there is a happy ending to this short story.

Smiling and friendly as usual, I told him that I don't have my driver's license and thought I was only driving 75 (so I lied).  Well, to make a long story short, the adorable CHP officer did not give me a speeding ticket and only cited me for a misdemeanor of not carrying my DL.  I could not believe my luck.  :-)

So CHP officers out there, some of you do perform random acts of kindness.  I will try to speed less and be a good driver on the road for the safety of all!

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id like to say something positive but its not really random kindness, more like horny kindness.

Sometimes you need to pick and choose what and where you are going to commit your act of kindness. I stopped to help a young couple who were broken down on the side of the road. The guy had just gotten a gas can out of the back of the car and was walking down the road towards a gas station. ( about two miles away) I stopped to offer him a ride to the gas station and back to his care. He was very greatful for the ride. Once back to their car he emptied the gas can into the car as I drove away. I was pulled over a few minutes later by a police car who informed me that the "driver" of the other car left his wallet in my car. Looking I found a wallet under the seat where the person was sitting. I handed it to the police officer who looking inside of it said that the other driver reported that he had cashed his paycheck and that all of his money was in the "lost" wallet. <br />
It was a scam. I did not even know that the wallet was there. The other driver had planted it there when he got out of my car. It seems that these two had pulled the same stunt in the surrounding towns and it was becoming public information between the different police stations. I had to go to the police station to file a complant report. ID the person that I gave the ride to. And waste half of my day in doing so. Just trying to be a nice person and help someone out. <br />
Just becarefull of who and how you help. That is all that I am saying. Don't leave yourself in a position where it could come back to hurt you. I was lucky

Kindness really does ripple through the whole world like in the film the butterfly effect. The same as if you have an argument with someone then they will be in a bad mood and are likely to be unkind to someone else. Ive noticed that when people are kind to me it really lifts my mood and I want to be nice to everyone there after. being nice to people really makes you feel good.

There seems to be a connexion between random acts of kindness and doughnuts! <br />
Glad to hear your slowing down though.

Hooray! I am inspired to pay it forward :)