Married To A Divorced Man With 3 Young Kids Age 4, 5, 7

At first i didnt consider the sacrifes one would have to make before going into a marriage with a married man who has sole custody of his 3kids, the kids only see thier mother for 2hrs on weds, i feel am completely stuck with this in that our schedule revolves around the children's own, we dont have any night out just bcos there would be no one to leave the kids with all night and morover we cant just plan on going out on our own without carry the kids along, my marriage is just too early for all this hassles, i really didnt picture it it from this angle before i got myself involved, i guess i was just too blind with love. Now i just wished i married a single man without all the baggage. Sometimes i just ask myself, why did i get myself into this? What can i do? Any advice? Pls
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1 Response Jun 27, 2012

If you truly love him; first it will get better, second don't have any kids of your own, you will just keep moving your window of freedom farther out. <br />
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If you don't truly love him, cut your loses and move on.