I Believe In Battery Jumping Karma...

I always stop to jump other people's car batteries.  Sometimes folks try to pay me for it, but I just tell them to stop and jump someone else's car sometime.  That will be a great payback!  Pass it along!
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4 Responses Apr 22, 2007

My husband and I do the same thing; we even keep a battery jumper and cables in the car at all times. Once when we had an old car w/4 kids in it, it quit on us. Five different people gave us jumps, at various locations, until we got all the way home! We are merely doing a "karma payback".

Way to go! I give you a 5 out of 5 for good deeds!

I changed a couple of teens tire this weekend. They were on a very busy highway with no clue. Their dad drove up as I was finishing and offered a $100 bill. I said I didn't need it, but hoped he would be there when my kids got old enough to drive. He shook my hand, It made me feel good knowing I had looked out for this mans family when no one else would.

I really could have used your help a couple of weeks ago. My battery died and I was waiting two hours (I couldn't get a hold of anyone to help) and no-one stopped and asked me if I need help.