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Very Uncomfortable.

About five years ago I had to go to the hospital for some tests on my bladder.
Without going into any unnecessary details, one of the tests had to be performed while my bladder was full.

For the convenience of the urologist, and probably economical reasons as well, six of us were scheduled to have this test on the same morning.

The final stage of the test involved a procedure that took about five minutes,
and found all five of us patients waiting with full bladders outside the relevant medical room.

We had gone through each stage of the testing in alphabetical order, and now we had to wait to empty our bladders in the same order.

I was fourth on the list, and as we settled down to wait for the urologist to see us we were suffering various degrees of discomfort. I would say that mine was medium to bad to begin with.

It was about ten minutes before the first of us was seen. Those of us still waiting engaged in small talk and a few off colour jokes to take our minds off of our discomfort.

By the time the first guy came out, some of the other four were shifting about in considerable discomfort, particularly the old chap who came after me. He was seventy five. Too old I thought to have to go through such stress.

Because this was  an outpatient appointment we were allowed to be accompanied. The old chap had his wife, sister in law and grown up daughter with him. I as usual was on my own.  

One procedure later, and the old chap was showing signs of real stress.
The second guy was soon in and out, but by now the old chap was almost in tears, and his daughter had gone off to see if things could be sped up.
The third guy who was the youngest and had joked about how he was used to having a full bladder during nights out boozing with his mates, and certainly appeared to be in the least discomfort. However he didn't hesitate to jump up now that it was his turn.

While he was being seen, the daughter came back to report that nothing could be done. At this news the old chap actually began to cry. It seemed a very cruel system to me.

I was next, and by this time my discomfort was bordering on unbearable, but not quite. I opened the door to the treatment room, and was greeted by a friendly, middle aged nurse. I immediately asked her if it would be possible for the urologist to see the old chap before me. She said
it would, if I really didn't mind waiting. I said I didn't and quickly turned and left the room. The nurse accompanied me with her clipboard and called for the old chap to go straight in.

Needless to say, the three relatives were all over me with thanks, and gratitude.

Despite my extreme discomfort, I couldn't imagine not giving up my place. 

AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 9 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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A true gentleman....but I already know that:)

Sweet of you both to comment on this old story.
Thank you very much.

Exactly! Bravo. You made me smile. You also made me head for the restroom! Haha. True.

you are really a good soul .

You're a premium individual Ari~ I wish more were as compassionate!

Thanks hilly, at the time it was a no brainer.

You are a real gentleman Ari.

Thank you Ava, I try to be polite, kind and a gentleman whenever possible.
i'm afraid however, that when I come across people I consider fools. My tolerance runs out all too quickly and, I respond to them in ways that are far from gentlemanly.
I am a flawed human being.

everybody is flawed Ari, I have never meet a perfect human being and nor do I wish to. Why would anyone want to be perfect? Where is the fun in that?

But for all your faults you are a kind person and this story shows that


Thank you della you're a very sweet friend.

We are all flawed, as Della said. I certainly am. If only being aware of our flaws was the cure for them.

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Reminds me of the day I had to get a procedure called chorionic villis sampling to determine if the fetus I was carrying was ok. At the time it was a new procedure being tested at a medical school because it could be done much earlier in the pregnancy than amniocentesis. Same scenario--a room full of women with full bladders trying our best to hold it...and a couple didn't make it! <br />
<br />
You are such a kind man, Ari. I just want to give you a big hug. No wonder I think the world of you!

Awww Ari.....That was sooo nice. I'd do the same..... Seeing him actually cry would have sealed the deal for me..... hugs for being such a sweety..... ♥

You are such a kind and sweet soul! :-)

Thats a very sad story. I think it's all down to the kindness (or otherwise) of the staff rather than institutionalised inflexibility. I am sure the elderly man was extremely grateful to you :)<br />
<br />
Do you have a photo?

Haha I almost typed 'no photo for this story'.