"Utterly Lost" Needs Help

Sometimes I see obviously poor people who aren't panhandling, but are busy looking into trashcans to find anything of value thrown in by passers-by. Even though I'm not really lost, I like to stop by them to ask for directions, maybe chat for a little while, and then thanking them for their trouble by giving them a bill. In some instances, they are rather surprised, and reluctant to take it - but they take it when I tell them their help is really helping me save time. Needless to say, most of those people are more than what they appear to be !

Another kind of poors are the university students who, at the cash register of a local bookstore, are told that their debit card appear to be, sadly, maxed-out. Some of them, obviously distressed, are frenetically and desperately searching their pockets for an hypothetical piece of left-over currency — because obviously they badly need that or those damned books ! I happen once or twice a year to encounter such students. If the books aren't "crap", I'll usually pay for them, because nobody wants a student to be publically lynched by a mob of aggravated customers impatiently waiting in the queue, right? And also, it always reminds me that myself I too often had to survive on a diet of pasta and bread/peanut butter back when I myself was student...
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2 Responses May 3, 2007

You are a man of great style and class! <br />
I think that your approach to breaking the ice and contributing without demeaning is a great idea that I will assimilate to my own style. Thanks. <br />
As for the Student.... I can see many folk argue that many kids are spoiled and have mismanaged their credit. <br />
As for me it matters not the reason or circumstances for giving. I give when and because I want.... regardless of whom or why.... obviously an immediate need exsists and its not for me to judge, reinforce or teach a lesson.... I give freely without expectation and if it sets example or trend all the better but I dont expect it to do anything except relieve an immediate need not being met.

you are a ray of light in their otherwise cloudy day! God bless you.