Since retiring and the lost of my soul mate to cancer, I find myself helping my family members and dear friends stricken with Cancer. Driving them to their doctors appointments, being there as support person to give ear to what ever they need to say or just hold their hands. Today my sister and I had a yard sales and if you live in hawaii, you know what guava is. Some older ladies visited and bought some yard sales items and we gave them guava to take with them. They offered to buy some, but like the aloha state we are, we gave it our our senior citizens or known here in hawaii as our Kupuna. Are these randon acts of kindness, I guess thats what it is or Unconditional Acts of Kindness.

Honoliwai Honoliwai
51-55, F
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Oh my dear sweet lady what a delight you are! Thank you for the kindness you are showing to others, You have warmed my heart.