Robbed Or Not To Be Robbed

Perhaps this is not a random act of kindness, but someone forced by the circumstances.
I was in Oakland one evening a business trip and stopped at a convenience store for a bottle of water before going to my hotel. As I walked out of the store with my bottle of water I was met by a man about my size and age. He was only one foot from my face when he said “I am not going to rob you, but I would like your money.” My response, in my typical fashion, was “I think you need to redefine the word rob.” He then said he was hungry, was recently released from prison (this was said to give me comfort?), and that nobody would give him a job. My response was more in balance this time and he then suggested I call his parole office to verify his story….as he handed me his parole officer’s business card. I told him it was not necessary and I was happy to buy him dinner. Luckily, there was a buffet restaurant next door, so we walked over, I bought him whatever he wanted, and then walked back to my car and went to the hotel.
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

Very kind of you...