The More You Give, the Better Your Life Will Be.

Some of the very best advise I ever received was to look outside myself for beauty, happiness and compassion. Knowing my propensity for darkness sic depression she taught me to find beauty in even that, but not to get caught up in it!

This person was my mentor (she would have denied it of course) and as I walked with her she would smile here and there at passers by. Buy a sandwich and give it to a dumpster diver, just any number of small acts of kindness we either don't usually think of or are afraid to perform.

She was dying and I knew my remaining time with her was short and that much of what she was sharing with me was her legacy. It changed my life, she changed my life in so many positive ways. Small favors make such a big difference in peoples lives.  Like..letting someone who has only a few groceries go first in grocery line or recently I moved aside and waved a young mother with one on her hip and another trying to open everything he could reach and she was just besieged looking, She was astounded because it was a lot of groceries. I told her it looked like she needed just little break. She lit up like I'd done something truly awesome and thanked me effusively.

 But the real reward was watching the change in her expression and demeanor. She lightened up became calmer and strangely enough, the children sensed the calmness and became likewise less restless. Soon they were all smiling and joking with the lady at the register and it went a lot smoother for her. It's really the little thing folks, not the money things, thats nice, but giving of yourself is the best.  If you make a mental effort to reach out to just one person a day in kindness and compassion , I guarantee you it will do you more good than a bottle of pills to improve your life!

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4 Responses May 13, 2007

Wow, what a gesture - never thought of buying someone a meal in line behind me. Hope there aren't too many in the car or I might go broke! LOL

U dont fully comprehend it. By doing such gestures u cannot possibly go broke because its all energy
the universe bounces that back to you. Thats why paying it forward it all about. Making the world a better place one person at a time

Something else that will brighten someone else's day and yours as well.... If there is someone behind you in the drive thru - pay for their meal. It's usually not that expensive and you will probably make someone's day. I bet they do the same thing to someone else!

hey i think i will try that today!!

I totally agree with mountainman. Try it one day - just make sure you smile at everyone you meet. Some will look at you in a shocked manner, others will smile back shyly - make it into a study - check the percentages. Random acts of kindness are so much fun!