Every Act Of Kindness Counts!

There are probably many people out there who share the regret of not having enough time - or not putting enough time in to volunteerism. There are also those who never even stop to think about it - who don't hold a door for the person behind them - or help an elderly person load groceries in to their car - or bring the neighbor's trash can up on a windy day.

We are each on our own soul's journey. If you have the compassion for others, but lack solid chunks of time to help others..please know that each and every kindness makes a difference!

If you have not been inclined to do so in the past, go ahead and try it...you will be amazed at the happiness your simple act of kindness has on another. You will also be in awe of the personal growth and spiritual renewal that comes with compassion.
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Well my mood rite now is more random acts of violence. But I do concur with ya, it be a better world if all did what you spoke of.

You seem like a very kind and special person

Thank you... You seem pretty special too ;)

I wish every soul on this earth looks forward the same.............
God bless you.....for your wonderful thoughts

did you happen to notice the author of this story?

I have volunteered at many places, keep looking for the right place, it made my life more complete. My time with Habitat for Humanity was an incredible part of my life.

"my wife suffers because of me"?

She is shattered for being my wife?

"She becomes a victim for being my wife."
is this a proper headline

I think your insight is exceptional. Charity begins at home. I think what counts is the attitude of doing as much as you can in the situation you are in. As you point out there are numerous tiny things that almost anybody can do every day to be kind to others. You start there Do the little things, then do the big ones if the opportunity arises.

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what is this all about?

what's wrong?

A wonderfully warm post on the joyfulness of volunteering. Some of my volunteer experience as good. Some far from it. In a certain hospital I was treated like sh.... My boss's first name was Mark. I secretly nicknamed him Mark of the Vampire. In other volunteer situations I was spoken too in a rather condescending tone. I wish I could be more positive but the reality, at leas to me, being a volunteer does not necessarily you will be treated right. On the other hand I do like the fact I helped those less fortunate.

I am retired and spent alot of time on doing for me. One day I decided to ask God what he wanted me to do. I prayed for guidance. Then one day I went to a bible study at a assistant living home. The minuete I walked in I knew. Today I volunteer at this nursing home. I go there twice a week for 6 hours a day. This is the time that I feel closer to God then ever. I always feel a sence of peace. I am gratefull

i know its not meant too be. Can you imagine if every person were committed to doing 3 acts of random kindness a day.Actually doin unconditional good is habit forming and addictive on its own.Taken with a humble spirit it's like marijuana....it's like a stepping stone drug.It opens you up to the potential of getting into more and more unconditional acts of hardcore kindness and love. Less and less like yourself,more and more like Christ.

This is downright dangerous...counterintuitive, against the status quo!!! One can even say revolutionary, in the same way that Jesus was a dangerous revolutionary. I wish everyone could be a dangerous revolutionary in this way.

Did your mother not teach you to be polite and have good manners? What does that mean? It means you treat others as you, yourself like to be treated. Holding a door open for another person takes a few seconds of your time. Giving your seat up to an older person who is in obvious pain, is NOT going to hurt you in some way, either, physically, or emotionally. Why not just do what is decent, without regard for "pay-backs" ? However, you may notice that the more compassion you have for others, the more you will notice that compassion coming back to you. More people will start holding doors open for you. Try it.

I always hold the door and help anyone that I can. Helping others is part of life and to be enjoyed


i want to watch a movie after lunch. total strangers. is it good? anyone seen it? why don't watch with me together?

Hmm,,, very kind indeed, but sound wired. should keep the friendship on going. did you take down his phone number for future contact? what did you wife say? did she a purpose in all of this?

I was out with my wife last night watching a movie (Twilight). There was a couple ahead of us. The guy looks at us and asks what are we watching. I say she wants to see Twilight. The guy says us too. I'm thinking ok. Good for you. It's probably because my defense went up. I was going to pay for our ticket and the guy says "Hey, you don't have to do that. I'll pay for the tickets." I quickly said nah, it's okay. I'll pay for it. He then insisted and paid for it before I could object. As I see him with the tickets in his hand. I froze and just thought why??? What was his motive?? He simply said it was an act of kindness. I looked him in the eye, shook his hand and said thank you. I've never experienced something like that. I was really blown away.

A total stranger came up to me and made an effort to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. It was one of those random acts of kindness that seemed to ripple out in my heart and I appreciated her sincerity and flair..
So each small thing can mean a lot.. Mossrose

Sometimes a smile or a thank you are all someone needs to make their day a little better.It's not always the big gestures that count small things add up like pennies in a jar.

Interesting... a life experience blog site turned into a political forum. so many BS discussions that would turn me away. Hmm, i want to go back to my dreams... Dreams, sweet dreams!

In the Bible we are told "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." None of us can fix the world but at least my wife and I, particularly she, look for the bright side and try to bring it out in each other and in those we befriend.

Sadly, it is easier to hurt others than help but the choice is easy

requestthebook: It depends where in the world you live. If you want the book Google it.

SansValeur: You almost sound proud of not changing the world. Why do you sound so determind not to change the world? If our personal happiness is dependant on the happiness of others change the world so that fewer ChildLine counsellors are needed. Less income inequality will achieve that.

There are, though, the Mother Therasa types who welcome others troubles as it gives them the opportunity to do good works. Ministering to the problems of others makes them feel good, so the last thing they want to do is reduce the supply of problems.

I agree completely with every act helps.

I volunteer as a Samaritan and a ChildLine counsellor. It takes a lot of my time but it is the most rewarding thing I have ever known. I truely believe that our own personal happiness is dependant on the happiness of others, especially strangers, especially those who need a helping hand. I will never change the world but I have changed mine for the better.

where do i get the book? sounds interesting. i want trust my neighbours but i am the lowest income earner in the community. they look me down like a rats and never wanted to talk to me... i feel discriminated against. i want to make more money so i can be equal with them. should i help them to shovel the snow or cut the grass? in that way i can make several hundred more but they turned me down, saying i need to pass security check to work in their compound. i don't have money to apply for the check... poor me!

To exhort people to be nice to one another doesn't actually get us very far. Religions have been doing it for centuries, and look how badly they have done. Its a bit like mastabation, it makes you feel better but doesn't lead to any change. We do, however, know why people are not as considerate towards one another as they could be and how to improve matters.

Peoples actions are strongly influenced by the envirionment in which they live. One of the major influences on our relationships with our neighbours and others around us, as well as many other areas of social interaction, is income inequality.

Research shows that the level of income inequality has a direct relationship with trust within a society. Britain and the USA, with a huge difference between the highest and lowest paid, has the lowest levels of trust with in their communities. If you don't trust those around you, you find it difficult to act with consideration towards them.

Go to equalitytrust.org.uk for a summary of the evidence. If you want the details you will need to buy the book 'The Spirit Level' by Wilkinson & Pickett. This isn't a piece of new age mumbo jumbo; it is a very well researched piece of social science by a pair of experienced epidemiologists from the universities of London and York. I can highly recomend it to those who want to understand so many ills within our society, such as alcoholism, mental illness and abusive relationships.

That only happens in your dreams, not in reality. And likewise, she accepts that in her dreams, not in her real life.

its funny this was the first thing I saw this morning because I was supposed to do some volunteer work over the holiday but totally got laxed and put it for another day, now that I see this I better get on the ball cause truthfully I feel a little guilty about it and yes its a awesome feeling being able to help others

Absolutely, simple act of kindness goes a long way, and can award you spiritually.
However, while some people can offer kindness gesture by holding doors to others or loading groceries for seniors, they would perform some brazen acts that cause harm to others. Human beings are complex organisms, and they have good sides and dark sides. Should we tolerate those whose dark sides prevail and take over their sanity? If so, to what extent?


That is absolutely true!!

your words say it all truthful :)

Not finding enough time was never an issue for me, I have always looked for personal growth and spiritual experience. In the context of volunteerism, I wanted to match my skills with the act of volunteerism, My strongest skill was the ability to converse with people with ease. What I would like to do is to talk to patients in a hospital who suffer from depression or patients who have cancer.

simple act of kindness could really make a persons day and could send ripples across.

No time is NO excuse. Opening a door for someone can be a random act of kindness.

I'm not sure if you all have seen that movie Pass it on? One small gesture can change a persons day. I was told a few times I have a very friendly smile.. I try to smile at everyone! But one lady told me she was havin a horrible day and my kindness really made her feel better! Other girls I work with get the same compliments! Customer Service is a great chance to change someones day! Greatly written! I completely agree with you!

I agree with you !!!

Wonderful message!

I agree, except that holding the door for an elderly person or woman with a stroller is common decency not an kindness. We have slipped so far as people that we forget that. I love what you have written here. What a delightful place to live this world would be if we could all behave in the manor you have described.