The Kindest Bus Driver

I didn't perform this act of kindness, but I thought I'd share it anyway. It still makes me smile.

Yesterday, I met up with a study buddy to finish a paper that was due today. It got pretty late before I was finished, and the buses don't go to my place very regularly that late at night. However, there was another bus that went about halfway home, and I thought I might as well get on that one and walk the rest of the way. I would as quick as to wait for the one that would take me all the way, and I didn't want to wait outside in the rain.

The busdriver was quite talkative, and he asked me where I was going. I said I had to walk about 2 miles after the last stop. He got slightly worried about that - he didn't want me to walk alone at night. Since he was off work after this route and just needed to go to the bus terminal, he offered to drive me - in the bus - all the way to where I live since it wasn't that much extra work for him. So I got home safe and sound and about half an hour earlier than I would have otherwise.

Thank you, kind bus driver. I shall never complain about public transportation again. :)

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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

i have bus drivers that done that for me too even when he on shift still.