Things I Have Seen

Things I Have Seen
By: Me
Written on November 26th, 2012
I beleave firmly in practicing random acts of kindness. Have done so since child hood.
But this isn't about me. Just what I have seen others do. Like a kindly Old Man walking up shaking my hand. Coming away with a $100,00 bill. I opened my mouth to thank him. He said : " Don't say a word. God told me to do this." Walking away with a gleam in his eyes.
My Ex Wife. She once stopped out side a store after I bought her a $120,00 Pair of sneakers she wanted for a long time. Taking them off her own feet. Giving them to a homeless woman.
My currant wife giving her prized Arctic Sleeping bag to a homeless friend. Or her giving her video Disks to a family that could not afford cable. Her always recycling things to thrift stores or the Salvation Army.
My Mother in taking in what she called her Puppies. She would also help smuggle in pets, at the hospital she worked in. This was back in the 80's. Before pet therapy was even recognized.
My 5 year old Son one day stopping before a store display. Placing his hands on his hips. Taking a deep breath. Saying to me pointing out some very nice things : "I want to get my Sister this, that & that. Mommy needs some of them things & I want to get her that thing." I Know ever one has seen 5 year old's having fits embarrassing Mom or Dad with the I Want tantrum. I thought that was what he was up to. It floored me to see such compassion
in one so young. Then he floored me. Turning to me he said : "Some day when I grow up Daddy. I am buying you & mommy a house to live in."
So when your moved to commit a random act of kindness. Just remember ! You never know when your entertaining an Angel.
Vikingleg Vikingleg
51-55, M
Nov 26, 2012