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Paying It Forward

Knowing my friend was going through a rough time financially I secertly put in an envelope labeled 'random act of kindness, pay it forward'when she arrived from work she called me crying happily about what she found. Never once did I tell her it was me...
this1is4u this1is4u 36-40, F 2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

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When I first arrived here in a strange land I was walking back to my apartment, I came across 4 guys sitting round a bucket of chicken, this was 11pm and the night before Christmas. I asked why were they sitting in the street, it turned out they were homeless. They offered me some of their Chicken, so I sat for a while talking and getting to know their stories, I left and went back to my hotel room where I collected a case of beer I had bought myself for Christmas. I went back, found the guys and gave them the case of beer to celebrate Christmas, I had slipped $50.00 into the case of beer with a note saying merry Christmas.
I drove past the spot the next day and there was a Christmas card made from an empty beer case wired onto the chain link fence, it just said "Thankyou".
I never saw them again, were they really homeless? Were they stringing me along?? Who knows. . . . . I hope they have a wonderful life.

Yea they were wasted off case of pbr...😁

Aw, that's so nice.