I Love to Buy Presents

When I'm having a bad day or I just see something that makes me think of someone, I'll usually buy it and give it to them.  I just makes my day to see the smiles :) 

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2 Responses May 19, 2007

I buy small, practical gifts and have them on hand to give randomly, or on a special occasions. They don't cost a lot if you shop carefully, but come in handy later. <br />
Most people can use and extra sparkly ornament for Christmas, or a nail trimmer or emery board. Sometimes I make cds of relaxing music to give to a church or group. I have bought enough compact fluorescent bulbs to do someone's entire apartment, or house, several times. We clean the fixtures and put in the new bulbs. Good for their electric bill and the environment. I keep some good lip balms on hand for winter months as stocking stuffers. I take folks out for meal as a gift. Everyone has to eat, and a free meal is always welcome. I do a little for charities when I can. I found a book club online that allows you to send book credits to those in the service, schools, prisoners, and back to the club itself. It seems every day presents you with opportunities to give back. They are small things, and not expensive, but I like to think they add up. It has uplifted me today to hear the nice stories from members. Many thanks to all of you who share them.