I'm The Kind Soul That Is Always...

I'm the kind soul that is always holding doors for others, helping out the person in front of me with a dollar or two that they were short on their grocery bill. I am the one that says please and thank you, no matter how nasty the look on their faces are. I am always the one asking the overworked waitress about her tough day, reassuring the frustrated mother that its "just a phase" and they WILL outgrow it. I am the sounding board, the shoulder to lean on at 2am, when the rest of your friends want to sleep. I am me; I am the pillar of strength that you seek, when your world seems like it ending. I NEVER expect to get it back, but get the pure joy from seeing you smile and feeling like you can once again take on the world... I am the TRUE FRIEND. ♥ duchess96
duchess96 duchess96
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 29, 2012

you sound like a wonderful woman... I am sure you treat yourself in just the same creative, loving and gentle ways!!! Have a great day.... :)

You may find one day that your personality will completely change direction!