Random Acts Of Kindness Sound Good To Me!

I don't like to "toot my own horn," either. :-(

I was part of a group called "Random Acts of Online Kindness" for several years. We'd visit random guestbooks and leave gifts or encouraging messages. I still remember how delighted some of the older Web denizens were to be visited.

Most of my "random acts of kindness" are just that--random. I might help an elderly customer at the store by putting groceries on the conveyor or reaching for items on higher shelves. But usually, I give a coupon for an item I see someone else purchasing, if I have a coupon and won't be using it. Or I let someone with just a couple of items go in line ahead of me.

And it does feel good to share and help.
OtomeSan OtomeSan
41-45, F
Jan 4, 2013