A Fun Way To Make A Difference

I have a friend whose daughter has neurofibromatosis and is going through chemo. The little girl has a Chemo Angel, who sends her cheerful cards and sometimes small gifts at least once a week. I decided to become a Chemo Angel, and am now sending cards to two girls who are 12 and 13.
Another day, I went on this website where people ask for their wishes to be granted by other people. This one mother was on there saying that her 12-yeear-old daughter with Down syndrome was having some severe mental health issues and had to go to a facility of some sort, and she was hoping people would send the little girl cheerful cards in the mail so she'd have something to look forward to each day. I offered to add the little girl to my "mailing list."
Then I realized, there might be a lot of children, and even adults, who could use a "card shower" of cheerful cards, even small gifts (like stickers and stuff) at certain times. I started asking other people on the wish site. I now have 4 kids I'm going to send cards to regularly and 11 kids whose parents/relatives have requested birthday cards. Many of the parents requesting birthday cards are for kids with difficult situations, such as one lady who is fostering her friend's child while the mother is in drug rehab and who wants the child to have a very special birthday but can't afford much, another 12-year-old girl who has been going through depression after her younger sister was sexually assaulted, and children who have been getting bullied in school.
I created a group for people to join in on sending cards. The group is private, so you have to request an invitation. This is because I will be sharing children's mailing info (with their parents' permission) and I don't want to publicize it to the whole world. Once you join, I will send weekly lists of people who need cards, and some info about them. You can pick and choose which ones you want to send cards to, whether you pick one a month, one a week, or every single one. Some people might be adults, such as a woman who requested cards for her husband who was injured in Afghanistan an was stuck at home recovering.
I was going to call it Sunshine Mail, but I just found out there s an actual organization called Sunshine Mail that does something similar. So I am taking suggestions for a new name!
If you'd like to join (and I hope you do) please visit http://sunshine.groupcafes.com. Go to the top and click on the blue "request invitation" button, and leave your email address. I check my email every day multiple times, so I will send you an invitation very quickly.
I hope you join me!
AngelNicki AngelNicki
26-30, F
Jan 12, 2013