My Telephone Bill.

I had to pay 843.00 rupees at the counter, and due to lack of correct change, I paid a 1000 rupee note + 43 rupees in change.

In the rush - I forgot to collect the 200 rupees change at the counter.

But,this is what the lady at the counter did.. She ran out in search of me when she realized that I left in a rush, and she went back and informed everyone at her office that if a guy comes in looking for his money - he has to be refunded a certain amount and gave everyone my description.
Wow! such a honest person.

So... when I went back a few days later, everyone there were out to give me my change back. !

I was impressed - what an act of honesty.

The following day - I went back and gave her an envelope with a larger bill (smile ) for her honesty .
(This story should go in 'I Admire Inner Beauty' Group I guess )
woodland27 woodland27
41-45, M
Jan 13, 2013