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Everyone once in a while does a good deed in the name of kindness, I just wondered what have you done today that has made someone elses life a little bit easier? Something as silly as holding a door open for someone, or giving your seat up for someone in need of it on a train/bus...

I myself today found a wallet on the floor on the way home from shopping and I found the owners driving license and realised that the person only lived around the corner, there was money in their and even someone left there new credit card in it with the pin code for the account wrote on a piece of paper in their wallet, I went and gave it back and he was over the moon at my kindness...

It seems to me that, that way of life of people being honest and true is on the decline... So my question is why? and whay have you done to make someone lifes that little bit easier?

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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

good for you, I am trying to "pay it forward". I have found many times a week that I can help or do something good. All I ever ask in return is that they pay it forward as well. My hope for mankind is that we all start doing this more.