Giving Back

I can't bear to think of kids going hungry of having no where to sleep. I work at a school and I give kids food for lunch and take them to the dr's or buy them clothes, toiletries, medicine. Most of them live on there own as it's too dangerous to live at home. They are only teenagers. I tell them that the school gives me money to buy things so they don't feel bad but I pay for it.

I look back and see so many times when someones anonymous kindness made a difference in my life. I remember once when we had no food or money and we found a basket of groceries left on our front step. I cannot put into words what that person did for us!

I remember when we used to go to the butcher and buy 'dogs bones' from him. One day my brother said ' and mr can we please have a lot?'.  We didn't have a dog. That bag of bones was huge!! and thanks to that mans kindness we had beef soup to eat.

It takes so little to make a difference in a persons life. I cannot bear to think of these kids being cold and hungry and unloved. I give back with thanks for those people who gave to me. It really does only take one person to change someones life.

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3 Responses Jun 9, 2007

Its nice to see someone notices & cares:)

yes it does only take one person ... those kids are lucky to know you. it's a wonderful thing you are doing.

nice story xx