There Is Honor In Service

I am a recovering narcissist who discovered rather late in life that the only truly meaningful generosity occurs when something is given with no expectation of return.  When I hold the door for an older person or yield the way in traffic, I do not expect a gold star next to my name, I do it because it pleases me to do so and for the general good.  I have also come to believe that the best thing to share is your time, your attention, and your self - these are unique - people cannot get them anywhere else. 
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Agreed. It's precisely that attitude that's got this country into the quagmire it's in. Worrying about each other would unify us and make us stronger.

Yeah, I hate when you ask somebody to do something and they ask "what's in it for me?".

People look for happiness in a bottle, in a pill, in a fancy house or car, and - most absurdly of all - in the approval of others.<br />
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A righteous life produces happiness as hard work builds strong muscles.

I would be quite inclined to agree with that last statement.

Happiness can be defined as those brief periods of time separating long stretches of misery. Happiness must never be a goal. If you search for it you will never find it. Happiness can only be achieved as the byproduct of a righteous life.

Giving purifies the mind. Making others happy makes one happy and happiness is the gift from God. If happiness is a philosophy of life then we sh'd live it.

How you gonna' have a dream come true - if you ain't got no dream at all?

We'll make it happen. One person at a time things will come together for everyone in this world and we'll all find peace. It's a nice thought at least... gotta have hope right?...

I believe the compassion and caring shown right here on EP has value. Indeed, MSP, it is all about working together.

“Now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”

I don't have a lot of money but I give my time and energy 100% and I know that it is appreciated. There is so much in the world we can all do to help and it can be as simple as picking up that soda bottle someone threw out. It's all about working together...

I've also heard charity is one of the greatest gifts of life... because we miss it so much!

Is this a fear you've had for a long time? What, exactly is it based on? Are you afraid they will judge you - not like you - be mean to you - rip you off? -- Try looking at it this way, Antiyou. When somebody meets you for the first time - they are in for a treat, whether they know it yet or not. (p.s. - Maybe they're afraid of meeting you as well.) :-)

i like the story you shared and i hope there are more people like you in the world. i consider myself a kind person who cares about others. i open doors and i will help someone up when they fall. i give spare change when i have it and i support toys for tots. however, there is so much more i wish i could do. but sadly, its my fear of meeting new people that hinders me from doing something greater

Why yes, yes you are - a magical ham! And a very fine one at that.

Choose carefully. You are what you eat. ;-)

Smoked. Honey glazed. Mmmmmmmm.

Yes, that's right my dear. Ham is brought by ham fairy, that's why it tastes so good - it's enchanted. No animals are injured in the process of making ham.

What is preventing you from talking to your 15-year old self? I think that sounds like an excellent idea.<br />
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To quote Frank Zappa. "You are what you is, And you is what you am, You ain't what you're not, And cows don't make ham"<br />
<br />
p.s. You being what you is looks cool from here.

That's good to hear. It's always nice when one enjoys being what one is, or be, or whatever.

"Its a good night to be abroad and looking for game." Henry Fielding

"Just the act of helping them makes me whole." That was beautiful C - you got the ticket. I try to live that idea every day, and it ain't let me down yet.

ZenMasterBeta you and me are buddy buddy. This is one of the true ironies - and miracles - of giving. The more you give, the more you have to give. It's counter-intuitive, but it's true.

A lot of people who are in the habit of selling themselves short and undervaluing what they have to offer forget this - and there's an element of selfishness to it. If you keep yourself to yourself - and don't share - you are denying the world access to a unique resource - and frankly - you're being a little stingy.

i loved your last comment, it sounded so profound, and its true too!!

Hiya!<br />
You've hit on some really good points. People who are only interested in philanthropy for recognition/acclaim are missing the point. There's a quote, I'm unsure who said it but it goes something like this: character is measured when no one is looking. I'll find the proper quote, but you get the gist. <br />
If I have extra money, I like feeding expired meters. <br />
Thanks for sharing your insights.

Thank you for your insight. I feel like I should write this down.