The "Random" Bumper Sticker

I used to have the Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty bumper sticker on my old car.  I think the woman who thought of the phrase is named Anne Herbert from Northern California.  If I remember correctly, it was the name of her book!


The other day I was in a donut shop getting coffee and this guy walked in, then walked right out when they answered him that the donut was 70cents. I said, "I'll buy you a donut!" but he refused, I think on the stance that he didn't think the donut was WORTH 70cents and he didn't want to give them his business.   Ooops!

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Good for you! I am in Rome right now. I know... People are just shocked when I extend a hand. I am American. Two days ago it was pouring rain and we were the last two customers at the store. She looked at all her bags, several, and was waiting for someone to reopen the door so we could leave. In my broken Italian I asked the manager to open the door. The woman saw me picking up her bags and was just stunned. What a simple act. But as I loaded her bags she was speaking and I said sorry I am American and do not speak Italian very well. She looked me straight in the eye and said in perfect English. "You are very kind" I said My pleasure, Merry Christmas. She stood there in the rain watching me leave. Yes Roma you are an ancient city but where is that heart? Why was this so extraordinary? It shouldn't be. And I shall break all the "rules" till I leave. Peace and Happy Holidays.

Randome acts of kindness if great and with so much hatred and negativity in the world, I think people who do it like myself do it out of love and caring. It's just natural for me. God bless

What's most important is you offered your kindness and help. It was his choice as to weather or not he was willing to accept your gift. <br />
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Everyday I pray to saint Theresa to help me do kind things for others both small and large. I also ask that for each kind thing I do, that they in return those acts of kindness double fold to others. All this in the hopes that somehow we can change the way people think and live in this world today.

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