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I often perform random acts of kindness. I hold doors open and such... About a month or two ago, I was putting a shopping cart up, and found a big pocket book or wallet filled with stuff on the ground. The Social Secrity card was on the ground next to it. I picked both up, put the card in the wallet, and checked to see if there was a driver liscence for easier identification. There was, and nothing seemed to be mising, because money and credit cards were all over in this thing. I told my mom that I had found it and needed to turn it in. She took it in for me because I can't (SAD). I don't know what happened in the end, ... but I know what I did was good!
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Lol... joliver2, I think alot of people would consider not turning it in. I didn't, to be perfectly honest. Yes, I said, didN'T. But thats quite alright if others would. As long as you do the right thing in the end! :)

Thankgoodness there's some people in the world like you if there wasn't the world really would be full of complete and utter bastards....and you know something the rare times a door is held open for a guy (maybe once in my life, except in Japan the women always hold the door for a man there) is great it makes us check out the girl who did it twice too...

Yer Mom kept the money, and threw out the wallet! lol. J/King!!