On a Stinking Hot Day

I was driving home from the shop the one day, and it was 40 degree's and i saw this dog walking very very slow with it's tongue hanging out, so i stopped on the side of the road and picked it up, it was very hot and lathargic, so i took it home and gave it a drink and tried to cool it down with the hose. After i had done that i phoned my local ranger and described the dog to try and find out if anyone around my suburb had lost a dog, The ranger came to my house and told me some good news that a family had been looking for the dog for a couple of days as a few nights before we had a really bad storm and the dog had jumped a 6ft fence to get out as it was scared. I felt alot happier that i had found the owners and the dog would not have to go to the had picked the dog up when i had otherwise it probably would have died from dehyrdration.
Sunshine79 Sunshine79
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1 Response Aug 13, 2007

this is a really nice story, i bet the owners of the dog were so happy and grateful to you, i would have been if it was my dog molly