They Lead to Another....

I went to the fair with wife and child yesterday.  As we got out of our car, a stranger approached and gave us two free entrance passes.  Said she wasn't going to use them and thought that we could.  So we got in for free (kids were free already).  Saved us $18.

We do our thing have our fun and are leaving.  I realize that I still have at least $15 worth of ride pass tickets in my pocket, so I gave them to a young couple that looked like they were on a date.  they were appreciative. 

I wonder if that made thier evening any better and if they in turn did a random act of kindness for someone else.  Something I will never really know, but I think they will be more inclined to do....

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5 Responses Aug 20, 2007

This site is as good as an inspirational book!

I love hearing those nuggets of life. It gives a warm, cozy feeling.

i like this, its like ripples on the lake, the kindness spreads, lovely

I too perform random acts of kindness. I have discovered that our age is so cynical, people are often suspicious, assuming that there must be some sort of dreadful ulterior motives at work. When this happens, I feel very sorry for them. I am reminded of something I heard long ago, "If you can't trust others, you yourself cannot be trusted."

Yeah, it could be like a chain of events. I got money once from a couple that received a blessing. They told me it was my turn to be blessed.