Acts Of Random Kindness

I like to consider myself as person that is caring and loving... to and for everyone.. young, old.... I love people.. and I love to see others happy and to give others, then to get something from others..... I give without asking anything in return.. and I try to find the good in all people.... and give money to homeless people, and give an extra blankets or old jacket to those whom are in need.... most people are materialistic.. and that is just to sad! I am feel so much of a better person when i do help others in times of need! 

I think if other would just take a few minutes out of their time/day to help others.. and show them that their life is just as much precious are your own, and treat them like a person... most folks are rude to others with less fortune..... if others would take the time and help others then there would be a lot more happy souls out there... I can hope for the best...  can't I? lol

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2 Responses Oct 22, 2009

Your preaching to the choir here...<br />
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For the last 5 Christmases I have been giving to the homeless shelters in the community. The first two were fleece throws (blankets) a hundred each year. The last three years I have been buying mitts, scarves and toques (knit caps).<br />
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The rest of the year I buy flowers and give them to strangers! <br />
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I wish more would do it.

awww, thanks so much, that means alot! Everyone should get a chance!