No Big Deal

i almost hesitate being in this group because i don't want to come off as bragging, so while i am still in, i will use my stories as a way to hopefully encourage others to be kind to strangers.

after picking up the kids from school today, i ran into the local grocery store for a few misc. items. i went to the check out line and had all my items out, then i felt this strange sort of pull on my chest area & found myself grabbing a bouquet of flowers from around the corner & literally almost throwing them on the counter. but i already knew that they weren't for me.

i got to the car & after all groceries were unloaded, i looked at my daughter & said, "we have flowers to deliver,...ready"? she nodded, but had no idea what was going on.

we ended up at the cute, white house on the corner that she had sold girl scout cookies to for years. i just had a feeling that the lady was home & needed something. when she answered the door, my daughter handed her the flowers and introduced me to her. this sweet lady of 81 years immediately hugged my daughter & started to cry and said that she was having a terrible day. she told us that our arrival was timely. her husband has prostrate cancer now and had been having many problems lately, and she was so very worried about him. i could tell that she looked very distraught.

she continued for a little while chatting with us, as her husband sat quietly behind her in a recliner, with the flowers in his lap. i will never forget her expression when she opened the door and saw us. it was one of appreciation & new joy. on the way out, i reminded her to get the flowers in water right away.....

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I sometimes buy the person behind me a cup of coffee when I am in the Dunkin Donut line. I tell the person at the window that I am paying for the car behind me and it is usually a cup of coffee. Once it was a sandwich and a cup of coffee but that is OK. I don't stick around, I just leave. One day, I had to wait to get out into the street and the car behind me pulled up along side of me and he asked me if he knew me. I said no and he said then why did you buy me a cup of coffee. I said to start you day on the bright side. Have a great day and I pulled away. It is just a simple little thing but it make me feel good. I have done it at the toll booth also but now with the IPASS I don't do that anymore.

Angels are all around us and you are one of them. <br />
<br />
Hopefully, I'll be able to do something like you have. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing.

: ) Yes, share on -- this is how it's done, kindness! even beyond 'head logic', edit-out possibilities, like -- just taking a mo', to share the reality, the upliftment, to help 'pass it on'..why, just look! at how many 'strangers' your simply beautiful, human aka humand, KIND! :) true story, has sparked, moved, to remark back..& forth..a hapi dialog has rooted from this simple sedd -- or, as I'd really rather say -- :) cuttings..the more the merrier, that's how this round world, contagious joys, works. Thanks! I am not being harshly judgmental, btw -- I too glad we are each & all, incl. us, both! here, aren't you :0) TY TY TY's, have awarmly heart-shiny day, ok :) Bouquets, eternally freshly fragrantly blooming, & a hug, anytime that you'd like, want or need. Now, no hug hogging..pls, do feel free, to pass this all along..keep our world all a round round :) ya an' me an' all, round as a hug!

What a lovely thing to do.

that made my day :)

Sweetieoops what a great story!! ...and what a kind and thoughtful gift you gave that woman and her husband...and what a loving role model you are for your children! I have a feeling your daughter as well as the elderly couple will remember this and feel just a little bit warmer. Thanks. :)

No big deal for you maybe SeetieOops, but as the saying on your profile says ("in tenebris lux" darkness, there is light.). You truly bring a ray of light into the darkened lives of others. I'm sure I'm just one of many who's been fortunate enough to meet you on EP. Thankyou for being you, SeetieOops.