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Because I Have Received...

I have been the recipient of many small, but wonderful and often sorely needed, acts of kindness in my life...  and I was so bouyed up by each one, that I began to pass them on...

Spreading a little joy is in itself a very fulfilling thing...  when I notice someone in need I always try to hold out a helping hand...  to see the glimmer of hope return to someones eyes is always more than thanks enough...

FriendofPromise FriendofPromise 51-55, F 1 Response Nov 29, 2009

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Yes... I am a total believer in paying it forward...<br />
<br />
These past few days, I've been once more a recipient... a caring young man who drove me to civilization, and stayed with me, finding me a phone and making sure I was safe, warm and in touch with friends and family...<br />
<br />
...a hotel desk clerk who tucked me up in a warm blanket, with hot coffee, cookies and a book... and let me make long distance calls on the hotel phone... who kept checking to make sure I was okay until my brother arrived for me...<br />
<br />
Random acts of kindness are such a blessing... and now I have even more to pass forward...