Recently, I was shopping at a local pharmacy.

The pharmacy was crowded with people browsing around buying oral supplements etc during their lunch break. I was there to buy a few toiletries. When it was my turn to pay for the goods, I found an IPad on the counter.

I mentioned it to Josie, the junior pharmacist. She exclaimed. "Oh no. It must be Murray's".

I looked at Josie blankly. She stared back and asked me if I could catch Murray at the front of the building. I grabbed the IPad and ran towards the revolving door. I looked around. No clue who Murray was.



I saw so many office workers rushing here, there and everywhere.

I stood in front of the building and decided to do something stupid....for once.


I placed the IPad behind me and I screamed on top of my voice.

Muuuurrrrraaaayyyyy! (Murray) I shouted.

No answer. Just stares from the faceless people.

I looked around me again. I shifted my body at an angle towards the next building.

Again I screamed.

Muuuuuurrrrrraaayyy! (Murray).

Across the street, about 30 metres away, I saw a man crossing the road and running towards me. He looked at me and said, "Did you call out my name?"

I asked "Are you Murray?" He nodded his head. I then said 'Are you missing something, handsome Murray?'

( yep you heard me right...he was handsome lol). He exclaimed "shite my IPad" .

I pulled out his IPad and gave it to him. He gave me a big grin and asked me my name. I told him, it was not necessary. Just consider him lucky that I have a loud voice.


When I went back into the pharmacy, Josie said "Duchess, I'm sure your family will not be impressed" LoL.

A fish wife I'm not.

I thought I did a good job in performing a random act of weirdness.


Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
4 Responses Mar 8, 2012

(Random) Act of Kindness that was....

Haha Ms Dat..I'm pleased you can laugh with me. I couldn't believe I did that. But out of desperation. I guess it didn't matter much now, I won't be in this city for much longer lol.<br />
<br />
B, I believe if one has a loud voice, one can use it anywhere lol. My voice training to sing Arias paid off haha.

heheheeeheeeeeeeee<br />
<br />
Only on a parade ground. anywhere else is not proper.

I can just picture this event! It brought me a smile and a chuckle ;-)