The Day I Had Green Eyebrows

Theatre major students were selling chalks for the hair and I thought it would look good. I chose green because, well, green is nice. We first tried it on the hair, but it looked awful and dry so we washed it off. I still had some chalk left and realized I just couldn't waste it....

I saw my eyebrows then. 
I thought it would look good.

and it did look damn well good.

It was only for a short while because  I had to wash it off before the class starts...
Dewms Dewms
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5 Responses Sep 8, 2013

Lol! I actually wanted green eyebrows before!!!

I want any-color-aside-from-brown-and-black eyebrows! u. u

My facial hair is a kinda rare shade of bright blond, so when I've gone swimming in water with too much chlorine, my eyebrows actually do turn green for a while lol

Ooooooo that is rad! n. n

o: I bet the chalks version of this incident is an entirely different story! "So there I was sleeping when all of a sudden some monster ripped me out of my packaging! I- I've never been more scared in my life!.. And then she started to scrape me against her flesh! Using the pigment of my skin to repigment the hair follicles of her own.. I-It was horrifying!"

Oh puhlees the chalk was honoured to be on my brows! ~__^

I'm not surprised you were able to pull off that look.

Haha uwwwww!!! You inspired me to write a story of my own! :D

Long live the weirdos!

YAY!!!! The world wild be boring without us!!!! :D

Amen ;)